[Podcast] Chatty AF 49: Michiko & Hatchin Watchalong – Episodes 1-6 [AnimeFeminist]

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© Michiko to Hatchin

If folks thought I was done talking about Michiko to Hatchin, they were wrong.  I feel very humble that I was invited by the AnimeFeminst team to discuss the series in depth with other amazing folks about this show.  I was so nervous in this episode that you can literally hear me stuttering throughout this entire episode.  I hope listeners were able to understand what I was desperately trying to say.  There were a lot of heavy topics we discussed such as Mejorando la Raza, Sexual Violence, Police Brutality, etc. so please be advised that these episodes have trigger warnings.   Please listen to this episode on AnimeFeminist.

Coco: A Somewhat Touching, but Problematic View on Dia de los Muertos [BlackGirlNerds]

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© Coco

This review was published on Black Girl Nerds on December 29, 2017.  While there were a few enjoyable moments in the movie, the erasure of Indigenous and Afro-Indigenous people and the Land of the Dead reflecting the real world white supremacist racial hierarchies in Latin America, ultimately created a very empty movie that is invested in mestizaje.  Please read the review on Black Girl Nerds.

BGN Film Review: “Hey Arnold! The Jungle Book Movie” [BlackGirlNerds]

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© Hey Arnold!

This article was originally published on Black Girl Nerds on February 13, 2018.  This movie review was a follow up to the article I wrote about the problematic representation of the Indigenous Green-Eyed People.  Sadly, the movie reaffirmed its shitty portrayal of the Green-Eyed People and overall perpetuated the White Saviors Complex.  My name and bio were once again published at the bottom so no one cannot argue with me about who wrote these articles.  Please read the movie review on Black Girl Nerds.

Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Book Movie – The Problem with the Green-Eyed People [BlackGirlNerds]

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© Hey Arnold!

This was originally published on Black Girl Nerds on August 21, 2017.  This article examined the problematic representation of the Indigenous Green-Eyed People and how the Journal two-part special perpetuated the White Saviors Complex.  This time I made sure my name and bio were published at the bottom of the article.  Please read the article on Black Girl Nerds.

Anime North Toronto 2017: Interview with Nadinola Khae [BlackGirlNerds]

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© Black Girl Nerds

I interviewed my friend Nadinola Khae at Anime North in 2017 about why it was important for her to create the Black and Brown Folks like Anime Too! Panel.  This was such a great interview and it’s crucial to record history in the nerd community because otherwise, we would not know how important conversations got started.

Unfortunately, my name was not listed in the published version on Black Girl Nerds and instead, it only has the published name of “Guest Blogger”.  If anyone wants to verify then Nadinola would be able to vouch for me.  Please check out the interview published on June 14, 2017, on Black Girl Nerds.

The Melancholy Adventures of Michiko and Hatchin: Series Review [ShojoPower]

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© Michiko to Hatchin

This article was originally published on AnimeComplexiumon June 13, 2016, but I loved this piece so much that I decided to republish an updated version on the ShojoPower website on June 2, 2017, after AnimeComplexium was shut down.

This review focused on the mini history on how Sayo Yamamoto got inspired to make Michiko to Hatchin and how the series was able to discuss the complex racial hierarchies in Latin America and the Carribean through fictional Brazil.  Please check out this article on ShojoPower.

“Zootopia”: A Fascinating Insight to Systemic Social Injustice with Humor [AnimeComplexium]

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© Zootopia

This article was originally published on AnimeComplexium on March 28, 2016. Unfortunately, the website no longer exists and the original creator created a backup website to save the articles for contributors.

This review focused on the how well the movie was able to discuss several socio-political issues in an anthropomorphic world.  While this review is dated, please check out the original review on the backup website for AnimeComplexium.