[Podcast] Chatty AF 104: Neon Genesis Evangelion Watchalong – Episodes 21-26 [AnimeFeminist]

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The plot was thrown out the window so that Anno can work through his depression which was neat, but left me feeling confused and angry on how to talk about this finale.  The womxn and girls in the series deserved better resolutions to their story arcs.  Also, I am not worthy of Kaworu’s grace (he was such a good character, he needed more screen time).  Check it out on AnimeFeminist.

Coco: A Somewhat Touching, but Problematic View on Dia de los Muertos [BlackGirlNerds]

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This review was published on Black Girl Nerds on December 29, 2017.  While there were a few enjoyable moments in the movie, the erasure of Indigenous and Afro-Indigenous people and the Land of the Dead reflecting the real world white supremacist racial hierarchies in Latin America, ultimately created a very empty movie that is invested in mestizaje.  Please read the review on Black Girl Nerds.

“Zootopia”: A Fascinating Insight to Systemic Social Injustice with Humor [AnimeComplexium]

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This article was originally published on AnimeComplexium on March 28, 2016. Unfortunately, the website no longer exists and the original creator created a backup website to save the articles for contributors.

This review focused on the how well the movie was able to discuss several socio-political issues in an anthropomorphic world.  While this review is dated, please check out the original review on the backup website for AnimeComplexium.