Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Book Movie – The Problem with the Green-Eyed People [BlackGirlNerds]

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This was originally published on Black Girl Nerds on August 21, 2017.  This article examined the problematic representation of the Indigenous Green-Eyed People and how the Journal two-part special perpetuated the White Saviors Complex.  This time I made sure my name and bio were published at the bottom of the article.  Please read the article on Black Girl Nerds.

Anime North Toronto 2017: Interview with Nadinola Khae [BlackGirlNerds]

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I interviewed my friend Nadinola Khae at Anime North in 2017 about why it was important for her to create the Black and Brown Folks like Anime Too! Panel.  This was such a great interview and it’s crucial to record history in the nerd community because otherwise, we would not know how important conversations got started.

Unfortunately, my name was not listed in the published version on Black Girl Nerds and instead, it only has the published name of “Guest Blogger”.  If anyone wants to verify then Nadinola would be able to vouch for me.  Please check out the interview published on June 14, 2017, on Black Girl Nerds.